August 1st, 2006

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It turns out some people can talk behind my back, and behind other people’s backs, but they’re too chickenshit to you know… do the whole, “say it to they’re faces” thing. It’s awful pathetic, especially when they pass up chance upon chance to say something, but instead put up some faggy smilies and pretend to be friendly when they in all honesty, would rather tell you off. What’s awesome is that I got called fake, and petty throughout this, at least when I don’t like someone, I at least have the guts to say it. I’m a bitch, and I’m fine with that. I see myself as honest. But for real, don’t call me fake when you’ve only spoken to me one on one… maybe like, 4 times. You have no real insight on my personality, or anything about me. Yeah, I might go as far as saying I’m petty as well, but to whom it may concern, you had no real grounds to call me that other then seeing the mere tip of the iceberg. I don’t hate anyone on the internet, god, I don’t even want to get into that BS, but quit acting like I’m always about to lash out at one of your precious bestest-best fwiends <333 =^________^=. How many times have I seriously gone off on someone? And don’t give my any fake assed apologies then go talk about me behind my back. Because geez, I’m not as stupid as I look. Kthnxby.

Now that that’s said, I’ll update for real, because my LJ is looking kinda sad with all the single sentence posts, and plus Ryan did some big ass entries and I thought I’d rip him off. ;)

So my brother (Who's name is Ryan, huh...) has been staying with us for about, I donno, three or four weeks? He lost his job, then he lost his truck, then he lost his apartment, then he moved in with us, then he started asking me for money, then I got pissed off and stopped talking to him, the he got a truck or something (it couldn’t be a car, because girls drive cars, it had to be a truck.) and I donno what he’s doing now. He got back from Nashville two days ago from a job thingy, he got the job and gave him a nifty little laptop (he can’t get the interweb working, so HA.), and our dining room full of company merchandise.

Best of all, everything’s made of corn, see?! look!!

And a box of stuff we wont be able to give away… Ugly teddies, pens, there's CDs and keychains too. D; This really doesn't do it justice, there are a bunch more boxes full of crap somewhere.

I’m currently writing a letter to Ashley, and seeing as we have a hellav’ a lotta free stuff… I’m thinking of sending her something useless and ugly. I love you Ashley, you’re letter was very tasteful, and best off all, I could read it, unlike someone named Eliana Ester Frim’s letters… Haha, Eli’s middle name reminds me of Madonna. I get sidetracked easy.

I’m also working again, as I’ve said in succession. My friend Luis who I worked with at the first dinner got me another job at another dinner, where he worked, and one of the waitresses from the old dinner works there too, so it’s cool. This one’s basically the same place, only with a different name, the foods the same and everything, and I still eat things I’m not suppose to. So it’s cool. I also worked at DQ twice before I decided to quit, as fun as saying “would you like fries with that?” was, I didn’t A) Get to eat anything for free, and B) Didn’t like working with the cash register. No, I didn’t take money, it was just stupid and it bugged me. Lets see… what else… I might go work at a grocery store as… a grocery person… But I donno yet. As far as my home school goes, I have to go and get new books in the middle of this month, and I want to be able to finish them fast again. New icons for my LJ too! I’m not neglectful today!

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Update II

Okay, so my brother got arrested about 20 minutes ago, he was driving, and he switched lanes without a blinker, so the cops pulled him over, he had a with him, where he got it, I don’t even wanna know, so they brought his ass to jail and that’s where he is now. We don’t have enough money to go bail him out right now, so my mom’s all freaking out and calling my aunt and shit. S’gonna be a long night.