August 3rd, 2006

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Someone needs to build a better mousetrap.

Kay, so I just got home about 10-15 minutes ago, and I’m tired. I guess I’ll talk about work tonight because I don’t have anything else to talk about for today… So yeah, I like working night shifts better, the people on those shifts are more fun to work with, and we play around. Oh, btw, if you guys ever eat at a restaurant… and you head banging noises coming from the kitchen… they aint moving shit, there’s a rat back there.

Ima backtrack, because I like telling stories: So Luis (the one I work with), was all like “Paige, go get some whateverIwassupposetobe, (a tomato or something), getting from the back”, and I was all “’kay.” so I walked back wher we store food in plastic shoe box looking things and I saw something scurry across the floor with a tail, and I was all “Yo, Ya’ll we got a rat!” and Luis was all *making stfu noises so the customers wouldn’t hear* (because I talk really loud…), So I bring him back to see the damn vermin, and he was all like “ew…”, Note, big Lu is a like… 300lb Mexican, and he was also all like “Nuh-uh, I don’t mess wit dat shit, I don’t get payed enough”. So after we moved a shoebox looking’ thing, the rat scurried out again, and he was like *profanity*, and I was like roflmao. And then he made me go get our boss. So then we had like, three people in a 5 by 8 foot space, all looking for a rat, and the floor was dirty… so then we see the rat again after someone got a flash light, and one of the waitresses walked up to us and she was all like “wtf? D;” and I was all like “Karris! There’s a rat! XD”, and she was all like “NOWAI?!” and our boss was like “NO THERE IS NO RAT GO WORK WOMAN.” Then we ate watermelon that was left over from lunch, and it was awesome, then I was told it would be coming out of my check and I was all like “._.”, because I made like $32 this week, and heaven forbid I have a dime taken out of my next whopping check. I think he might have been joking, but I can’t tell. Then I was peeling shrimp and I saw the rat again, so I called Lu, and he got the golf club we keep by the back door, (I don’t know why the fuck we have a golf club… I asked and no one answered my question…), and some Tom & Jerry shit started and I rofl-ed and ate more watermelon while he tried to get the rat with the golf club, and at one point, he jumped very gracefully onto of a cooler to try and flush it out. Which was awesome beyond words. The rat ended up running over the sticky-vermin-catching-paper that’s always on the floor, and it didn’t work… he also avoided at least two mouse traps, and we never found him. I suggested feeding and naming the rat, but no one liked that idea much. I also got a David Bowie CD today, so yay me. ;)

Oh! and my brother's out of jail and crap too, I'll talk about that later though.

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