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Paige the Great Destroyer
08 August 2006 @ 07:06 pm
M'kay. So, what happened with my brother was it was like, 10pm, and he didn't have any cigarettes, he had been smoking our moms, so she was like 3487dfusfh go get ur own. So he left, he got the damned things and on his way home (out house and the store aren't a mile apart, the town is itty bitty.), he changed lanes without using a blinker, and the cops pulled him over. He was being a smart ass, because our aunt works for city hall, add that and the honkey cops here are all afraid to go into the black side of town, so they just pick off everyone else. So they pulled him out of his big, stupid truck, and roughed him up, and dragged his ass to jail. Between this, they found a loratab (a 'tab' for all you pill poppers) and that probably didnt look too good, plus, he had at least 3 unpayed tickeds for speeding and the blinker thing. He spent that night in jail, my mom was all pissy, and she called my aunt to see what she could do, she called the mayor, and they did whatever they did, so he got out the next day, aparently my mom just had to go there and sign him out or some shit, which I didn't get at all. Being aressted for not using your blinker was just too weak to bring to cort I guess. I was worried that he'd get all depressed afterwords (my brother gets dangerously depressed sometimes... ._.;;), but it's been a while, and he's been fine. My siblings and sound like delinquents, huh? XD My brother is 35, still living at home, is a drunk who's always in trouble, I'm me, and my sister who is the most well behaved and well ajusted of the three of us set a dumpster on fire when she was 5... I wont get into that...

So kids, what did Paige learn from all of this?
Our city's mayor's name is Jimbo... rofl...

Okay, so was off work today, so I went and got my hair cut, and the stupid ho who's new or something, (I want the reguler lady who cuts my hair back. D; ) cut it funky and now I look like Betty Page (look her up). I'm off tomorrow and the day after's day too, I have to work that night. I'm going back into town tomorrow to get my new school books (yay learning.), and I'll probably just brood around the house that day. Also workwise, I haven't seen the rat since that day, and I got promoted from dishwasher to frycook-thingy! (I'm spongebob, not cool ;_;)
Katie, a waitress I work with is cool, I worked with her at my last job and she invited me to go hang out with some people she knows tonight, I guess I'll be leaving in a few minutes. I guess that's it, I'm out of intressting things to type about.
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